Geriatric Dentistry in Newtown, PA

We all get older–it’s a fact of life. Just as our physical health can change as we get older, so can our oral health. 

Aging and Dental Health

As you get older you do not lose your teeth; that is an old myth. In fact, if we look at history, we see evidence of full arches of teeth, showing that nutrition and diet played an important part in the longevity of smiles.

It is just as important to continue care for your smile as you age. Paying close attention to the health of your teeth and gums, even if it means special care through geriatric dentistry services can ensure your overall health is kept up to its highest standard.

The nerves in your teeth become smaller as you age; this means your teeth are less sensitive to changes. When you feel less sensitivity to changes, cavities and gum related problems can progress until they have advanced into very big problems. This is when the sensitivity finally kicks in and you feel pain or become aware that something just isn’t right. Advanced problems are often more costly to restore, this is why staying on a regular dental routine can help ensure a healthier track.

Remember, the importance of healthy teeth is integral for proper digestion and nutrition as we become older.

Our Office cares for patients from 2 to over 102… If you are an elderly individual, looking for geriatric dental care in Newtown, we’ll recommend a comprehensive plan, so that your oral health can continue to support your overall health and you can get on with living!

elderly couple smiling outdoors