See What Our Great Patients Have to Say About Us

Hello to everyone who might be reading this letter.

I just had to write about another unbelievable experience I had at Dr. Lantzy’s dental office.

Dr. Lantzy and his wonderful staff has been in charge of taking care of my dental health for close to 20 years. Believe me, it isn’t an easy task. Simply because I am from Eastern Europe where dental care mostly meant filling or pulling the tooth and where the equipment was grossly outdated and most of us had no means to have braces. Just remember Austin Powers!!

I hadn’t heard of dental cleaning and gum health at all, before I had started coming to Dr. Lantzy’s office.  To make a long story shorter, I have been getting dental cleanings for many years, every 3 months just to maintain my gum health.  In spite all the effort, I still had issues with deep pockets and bleeding and even needed some oral surgery.

Recently based on my wonderful hygienist’s recommendation (some would call it nagging) I decided to try the waterpik therapy that also suggested just a small capful of clorox in the water.  Marcie heard about this technique on a seminar held by a well-known and respected doctor on dental hygiene. It sounded somewhat extreme at first and it took quite a bit of nagging before I decided to try it.   The results blew Marcie and myself away!!!!

She saw crazy improvements inside of my mouth…shrinking pockets and even less bleeding than most of her “normal” no gum issue patients!

What I saw was on the outside of my face!! Rashes and pimples I had been dealing with for years disappeared.  I even got a couple compliments on my complexion.  I was always warned about the connection between gum disease and heart health and clearly the bacteria had everything to do with my skin condition as well.

I am so excited and extremely thankful at the same time.

At Dr. Lantzy’s office dental care means real CARE.  The kind of care a parent has for his children or friends have for each other.
Their care has change my bad experiences to wonderful ones and they managed to stay with me and to help me find a solution that has greatly improved my oral health and self-image at the same time.

Please, if you have similar issues try this therapy…it can be life changing.

Thanks a million to Dr. Lantzy and Marcie and the wonderful staff.

Sandor K.