New Teeth in a Day in Newtown, PA

Your health matters. The first step in the New Teeth in a Day journey is a complete examination reviewing your medical and dental health with appropriate x-rays. Although medical conditions such as diabetes, leukemia, and other systemic illnesses may interfere with the healing process, dental implants can still be an option for many people. In addition, smoking may increase healing complications. We will help you decide how your medical condition may factor into implant treatment.

Dental implant treatment involves a surgical, restorative, and laboratory phase. We work alongside local and leading implant surgeons and laboratories to provide the restorative phase while we seamlessly integrate function and aesthetics.

After being seen by the implant surgeon and after the opportunity to design a treatment plan for your customized needs, the customized treatment plan will be discussed with you. Upon acceptance, we will begin to prepare everything needed for your big day.

When your big day arrives, implants are placed. Together the surgeon, dentist, and laboratory tech coordinate the process to send you home with new teeth that look and function like natural teeth.

Enjoying Your New Smile

Dental implants look and feel like natural teeth. Compared to removable dentures, it’s much easier to eat, smile, and talk with dental implants. You won’t have to worry about “clicking noises” or feel anxious about what food is “safe” to eat. You can start enjoying your smile and start living the way you want to.

For more information about Teeth in a Day, please call with your questions or to reserve time for your comprehensive exam.

elderly couple smiling outdoors