Non-Surgical Periodontal Care in Newtown, PA

When inflammation reaches beyond a localized gum infection known as “Gingivitis”, the infection affects the surrounding bone support. Periodontal Disease is a silent infection and the number one reason why adults lose their teeth. This is sad because Periodontal Disease is preventable with a bit of awareness and early intervention!

Your first awareness is if/when you see PINK in the SINK. It’s a sign that bleeding is occurring, and bleeding is occurring because there is an infection going on in your mouth somewhere.

Of further importance, know that bleeding gums from an infection create an opportunity for oral bacteria to flow through the circulatory system to other parts of the body. The Oral Systemic Connection and Periodontal disease is associated with Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Pulmonary Disease, Dementia, Low Birth Weight Babies, and a surprising number of other systemic diseases. Studies have proven that the health, or lack of a healthy mouth, is associated with the health of the body, or lack of a healthy body.

Our goal as a Complete Health Dental provider is to keep you healthier and that begins with a healthy mouth – free of infections!

When infection is present, we will speak of our Soft Tissue Therapy. Soft Tissue Therapy is a non-surgical approach to eliminate oral infection and return things to greater health! As your health coach, we’ll customize a new homecare routine and recommend a maintenance plan to keep things stable to prevent relapse.

In addition to Soft Tissue Management, we may introduce you to integrative products that aid in gum health that can be customized for your needs.


  • Perio Protect: A complete health tray system to actively target your unique periodontal pockets and provide focused attention. Simple to use. Remarkable results. Ask us for more information!
  • IO Rinse: Great for homecare use. It can be used in a Waterpik device. During the COVID-19 outbreak, it helped to keep the mouth and throat clear of pathogens. Ask us for more information!
  • ECO Balance: Great for homecare use. Can be added on top of your favorite toothpaste to give an added boost for gum health. Ask us for more information!