Oral-Systemic Health Link in Newtown, PA


The mouth is the gateway to the body. Plain and simple, many chronic conditions and illnesses first show symptoms in the mouth. The oral-systemic link focuses on detecting, preventing, and treating conditions and illnesses including heart disease, sleep disorders, diabetes, periodontal disease, and more.

The oral-systemic link offers an opportunity for a paradigm shift in healthcare. Instead of waiting for the eventual “emergency” to happen, predictive and proactive strategies are available. We have a choice and a chance for more vibrant living. Shifting the paradigm of healthcare to a balanced approach using prevention and proactive strategies permits an opportunity to bring balance back to our healthcare system as well as ourselves.

We coach on small and daily healthy-lifestyle changes. We recommend individualized care on a maintenance plan that supports what science has taught us. Destruction can happen silently and over time leads to inflammation. Inflammation is known as a ticking timer that sets diseases in motion.

As your dental provider, we aim to help keep you healthier.

elderly couple smiling outdoors