Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique (SMART) in Newtown, PA

“Silver fillings” are a mixture of powdered metals (silver, tin, and copper). 50% of the content is elemental mercury acting as a binder to form an amalgam. Another name for the silvery-looking filling is a “Mercury Amalgam filling”.

We have not used or placed those silver-colored amalgam fillings. Using tooth-colored materials permits us to keep a more, healthy tooth structure. Having the ability to strengthen a tooth with a natural looking and bonded filling, versus plugging a silver-colored mercury amalgam into an “undercut prep” just made sense.

We saw and still see weakened, stressed teeth break over time from the thermal changes of the mercury amalgam. Mercury is a neurotoxin and has been widely removed from other medicinal devices, like thermometers for example. Our government has placed regulations on how to keep mercury out of wastewater.

Practicing “mercury-free dentistry” (dentistry that does not place any new mercury amalgam fillings) and “mercury-safe dentistry” (dentistry that utilizes protective measures when removing existing mercury amalgam fillings) undoubtedly reduces the danger of chronic mercury exposure.

The Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Technique (SMART) is a protocol and technique we are now using to protect the patient as well as the team while removing mercury amalgam fillings for greater health.

To briefly describe this technique, it includes using an amalgam separator to collect mercury amalgam waste in the waterline, having adequate and high volume aerosol filtration, using an absorbent pre-procedural rinse, protective gowning and barriers for all during the procedure, external oxygen delivery, and isolation to limit the field of the procedure. Abundant caution is taken before, during, and afterward.

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