Gut health: A key link between oral and systemic wellness

by | Mar 2, 2023 | Patient Education

March is National Nutrition Month and as a Complete Health Dental Provider, there is a need to emphasize the importance of nutrition for oral and overall well-being.

The mouth is the start of the digestive system and what enters there, makes its way through the system to provide essential nutrients to the body’s organs. Feed your body well, offer it some exercise, and you can stave off the need for prescription meds that seem to fix one thing and break down another. The body chemistry IS amazing and I’ve seen a return of a loved one from near death because of prescription strength intervention through an IV bag…but today, we know much more….

Can we get to a place where health is about a proactive mindset?

Recently, I went through a 10-day nutritional reboot…I took my bloodwork in advance and after the 10-day “detox”. I was very encouraged to see a decrease of 30 points in my bad cholesterol! It certainly pointed to nutritional focus making a difference in overall wellness! Certainly, my challenge is continuing on with discipline and continued focus. From a dental hygiene standpoint, I appreciated this article as it expanded on the mouth-body connection. This article is on GUT Health. Take a look and consider the many reasons why making a positive change in your nutrition this month makes great health for your smile and overall health! Thank you to those who stand with me wanting to spread messages of greater health.