Looking for a Healthier Future

by | Sep 14, 2023 | Blog

Our professional journey started with the concept of saving teeth and preventing disease. We vowed to stay abreast of leading edge technologies and therapies. Our caring spirit would contribute to our community and make a positive difference. These assimilated concepts would benefit the patient’s function and comfort, and ultimately promote optimal health.

Advanced education broadened our knowledge and capacity to serve. As time passed, we recognized that it wasn’t just the smile we were protecting, it was the entire person. Back in early 2000, we recall the USA Today article that related the mouth body connection. Accordingly, we instituted important hygiene services that helped patients maintain healthier gums and periodontal foundation.

The oral systemic connection is fore front to our attention. “Pink in the sink” from bleeding gums is concerning when you understand that bacteria travel systemically and can trigger inflammatory responses anywhere in the body. We want others to know simple concepts, and use them daily, to create positive ripple effects on their overall wellness.

Over the past decade, we helped many with snoring habits. Once again, with continued learning, a new light was shed. Breathing and Airway were the paramount concept. That is to say, without breath, without air, without oxygen, the body stops functioning. It’s as simple as that.

Snoring can be a symptom of a larger issue when airway obstruction stops the flow of oxygen. We know the cascade effect of lack of oxygen to body parts with problems that show up as Migraines, TMJ/TMD and dysfunctional diseases like Dementia, Atrial Fibrillation, and Stroke.

With advanced knowledge, we recognize signs and symptoms. “Underdevelopment” of the midface and jaws is a root cause of airway obstruction and when we can resolve the root cause, we can permit the body to heal itself.

Today, we offer Complete Health Dentistry. We work with other healthcare providers and care for concerns of toxicity, periodontal health, airway health, AND we are able to create beautiful smiles through cosmetic dentistry that you’ll feel empowered by.

Our goal remains to save teeth and prevent disease, only now we are looking through a broader lens. We are ever grateful for the opportunity to serve in our community and always seek to make a positive difference in the lives of others. On a good day, we’ll save a smile. On a great day, we’ll save a life.