WHO Said What?

by | Aug 17, 2020 | Patient Education

Earlier this week, the WHO released an article that got air time on news services. The WHO, as a world organization, makes recommendations for the global community. We fully support the diligence needed during this pandemic. The WHO did indicate that ultimate consideration and guidance be drawn from national, state and local levels based upon the degree of COVID activity therein.  We seek to keep ourselves and our community healthy and will stay alert to state and local guidance.

We have always had a strong commitment to disinfection and sterilization procedures. Our Office was designed and built with features to decrease cross contamination such as solid surface countertops and foot controls for sink operation in treatment areas. Foot operating cabinetry are also featured in the sterilization center. Our water filtration system delivers purified water for procedural use, water for our autoclave sterilizer, as well as tap water. We perform routine maintenance to prevent biofilm in waterlines.

During the COVID shutdown, we learned about the air borne aspect of this virus. We assimilated information and took action to order and install new measures.  We employ increased ventilation, new devices that decrease aerosols at the source by 90%, added medical grade filtration including HEPA13 air purification that clean the air 99% throughout, installed privacy curtains on treatment rooms and added plexi screens and touchless hand sanitizers up front. We prepare and clean as if everyone may be a carrier, adding the required time between patients to allow the air to purify. We obtained necessary PPE for our team. In our preparation to reopen, we fully supported all recommendations by CDC, national, state, and local health departments and daily screen ourselves and our patients.

The mouth is the gateway to the body. It’s been the focus of concern as masks being worn help to inhibit the spread. All the more essential now is the goal of keeping the mouth inflammation free. Inflammation damages your oral condition and affects the body’s ability to fight off disease.  The oral systemic connection needs to stay a healthy one.

We will continue to thoughtfully care for our patients and our community as things continue to evolve.